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With all of these services we will be discussing your concerns and what I can do for you. I will pick the best facial that will fit your needs!

Standard Corrective Facial: $45.00
This facial is designed to fit your needs. Deep cleanse, exfoliation with steam followed by extractions, relaxing facial massage and a mask perfect for your skin type to finish you up. (50 min)

Pumpkin Enzyme facial $50
This is a facial that leaves your skin with a glow days after this treatment. The pumpkin in this treatment will really exfoliate your skin, this helps with fine lines and wrinkles, break outs, scaring, and the over all appearance. (50 min)

Ultimate Hydrating Facial: $50
With this facial you get all the same benefits as the Standard Corrective Facial. I will be using a water-based mask to keep your skin hydrated for weeks! (50 min)

Anti-Aging Facial $55
This facial you will be receiving all the same things, but when it comes to your mask I will be using a mask with peptides in it which really help plump fine lines and wrinkles, and also help brighten your skin, you will see a difference in your skin!!! (50 min)

Peels $55 (Series of 6 ONLY $299)
Chemical peels are good for all skin types, the can help with sun damage, scaring, breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles, aging skin, dry skin, and clogged pores. I will decide which peel will be best for your skin.

Microdermabrasion with Facial: $65 (series of 6 for 315)
This is designed to give you a deeper exfoliation, great for anti-aging, acne scaring, sun damage, and just to get an all over healthy glow. I will be doing a deep cleanse, steam with enzyme, then the microderm, followed by a soothing mask.

Microdermabrasion (without facial) $35 each, (series of 6 for $180)
A cleanse, microderm, and moisturizer.

“Medical Microderm” $70
This is more of a treatment for acne scaring, sun damage, anti ageing, and a deep exfoliation. This includes deep cleanse, microderm, chemical peel for your skin type, and a soothing mask.

Exclusive Men’s Facial: $50
This facial is designed for men with all skin types, I will be using a glycolic cleanser and toner throughout your treatment to help exfoliate your skin, and also helps reduce pore size. And you get all the great befits as the Standard Corrective Facial. 50 min

Back Treatment: $45
The back facial includes deep cleanse with exfoliation, relaxing steam followed by extractions, a wonderful back massage to relieve stress with a mask to leaving your skin feeling great! (50 min)

Add ons: Add any of these services to your facial for $10 each

Eye Treatment- This includes an light exfoliate around your eye area while you steam, a mask designed to hydrate your whole eye area (helps with dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines) and I will treat your eye area with a great eye cream!

Lip Treatment- I will be using a sugar based treatment to get rid of dry cracked lips, a mask that will keep your lips hydrated for weeks, and a great lip moisturizer.

Dry Body Brushing: $45 (SAVE $10 when added on to any facial!!!)
With this treatment first I exfoliate your body with a brush, followed by a light massage, and finishing with a moisturizer! You will leave with an all over glow! (50 min)

*Special* add either brow or lip wax onto your facial for a $5 up charge!

Hair Removal:

*Special* Eyebrows and Lip $12
Eyebrows $8
Full leg $50
Lip $8
Chin $8
Nose $8
Cheeks $8
Bikini $25
Brazilian $50
½ arms $30
Full arms $35
½ legs $35
Underarms $10
Chest $35
Back $55

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